Spine labels

What to you use to print your spine labels?

What do you like about the device? not like about the device?

Please respond in the comments.


About Joy Anhalt

Cataloger. Technical Services Manager at the Tinley Park Public Library, Tinley Park, Illinois. She participates in the ILA Resources & Technical Services Forum (RTSF), LACONI Technical Services Section and the Metropolitan Library Systems' MARC Advisory Committee. She is the winner of the 2008 ILA TBS, Inc. Technical Services Award.
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7 Responses to Spine labels

  1. Joy Mortensen says:

    I use Microsoft Word to make a template.

    • Dave Hoeper says:

      I also use Microsoft Word templates with Avery labels. I run into problems when there are only a few labels that need to be printed. When I re-use the Avery sheet sometimes the toner starts to “leak” onto the labels and make them darker than they should be.

  2. Rebecca Bartlett says:

    We use the Dymo Labelwriter Twin Turbo at La Grange – it prints well, but the spine labels can fade under flourescent lights.

  3. Kregg Argenta says:

    We use the OCLC Cataloging Label Program, and we use Demco spine label protectors to prevent fading under fluorescent lights — though they do create a bit of a glare.

  4. Brooke S. says:

    We have Zebra GX420t and love them. Mine is used with spine label templates and the others in the department were purchased from Computype and do not require using templates. The Computype ones cost significantly more, but I honestly think they are worth it because I hate changing templates.

  5. We use Demco spine labels, covered with label protectors. Printed through our regular printer, using a Word template.

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