Question for the community

What question do want you to ask the community?

Please respond in the comments and I will post questions separately.


About Joy Anhalt

Cataloger. Technical Services Manager at the Tinley Park Public Library, Tinley Park, Illinois. She participates in the ILA Resources & Technical Services Forum (RTSF), LACONI Technical Services Section and the Metropolitan Library Systems' MARC Advisory Committee. She is the winner of the 2008 ILA TBS, Inc. Technical Services Award.
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3 Responses to Question for the community

  1. Kregg Argenta says:

    How is the implementation of RDA going to change the way we catalog?

  2. Dave Hoeper says:

    What is the overall flow of item processing for Technical Services?

  3. Kris Flanders says:

    Is anyone getting shelf ready books from B&T or anyone else? If so, how is that working?

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