We’ll be voting on whether to accept the ILA RTSF bylaws for the forum during the ILA Conference at Navy Pier in Room 323 at 10:45 am on Thursday, October 17th. There’s nothing else scheduled at that time so please be sure to come. I’ll do my best to keep the meeting to 30 minutes.

Besides voting on the bylaws, we’ll also discuss program ideas and schedule for next year, what we want ILA RTSF to be, elect a manager, and accept volunteers to be on the TBS Award committee. All that in 30 min! I’m a fast talker.

I’m open to adding more items to the agenda if you let me know in advance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! And I look forward to see all of you there!

Brooke Sievers
ILA RTSF Manager

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