ILA Annual 2015 Meeting Notes

Resources & Technical Services Forum (RTSF)
ILA Annual Meeting Notes
Friday, Oct. 23, 2015

  1. New ILA Website
    Members were encouraged to complete their profiles and add a photo on the new website.
  1. ILA Knowledge Exchange
    Members were given an introduction to the new ILA Knowledge Exchange (KE) and encouraged to use the site.  The Knowledge Exchange is a new area of the ILA website where users can ask for advice, share an event, share a document, or share an update.  Each entry can be searched for later and tagged.

    Finding the KE:
    –> –>Connect –>Share on the Knowledge Exchange –>Login

    During our discussions of the KE, we talked about ILA RTSF current websites and they include:

    (1) WordPress Blog
    (2) ILA RTSF page ( > About > Forums > RTSF)

    Question: Should we phase out the WordPress site and move to the RTSF page? Yes, with time.  Presently, the RTSF ILA site doesn’t have all of the functionality we have with our WordPress Blog.  Members need the ability to comment on posts and currently only the Forum Manager is able to add new posts to the page.

    Suggestions for

  • Add email notification system to the KE.  When members add something to the KE, enable members to opt-in for email alerts.
  • Make the KE visible to members without requiring login

Suggestions for ILA RTSF page

  • Give members the ability to comment on posts
  • Enable more members to post items to the page

3.) Brainstorm ideas for programs for next year

A. Technical Services Networking session with topic tables
-Collection Development
-Proposal is already written (contact: Brooke Sievers@ Addison)

B. Right-sizing your collection: include the full life-cycle of the process from collection development, weeding, statistics and procedure and vendors on “how to get rid of items the right way” (Discover books, Better World Books, Boys & Girls Club, what if your library doesn’t have space to store discards?)

C. How does collection development move from buying books to build a collection to curating a collection? Or, are both of these the same?  How do you adjust your collection development polices to reflect how collection development practices are changing?

D. Best practices for re-writing policies.
-Collection development

E. Technical Services staff working the reference desk… How does cataloging knowledge help enrich the experience of covering the desk? (contact: Bill Schultzjr @ EIU has presented on this topic in the past)

F. Unique things that libraries are doing with spaces and collections. How has what your library has begun collecting and your use of space changed recently?  And, how have these new collections and space changes meant for Technical Services?

G. RDA deadlines have come and gone… What are libraries doing with MARC records? Are you following RDA?  What does all this mean for Linked Data or Bib Frame? (contact: Erica Laughlin, RSA is working with SirsiDynix on Blue Cloud Linked Data integration)

4.) Forum manager for next year: July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017
Tim Longo
Evanston Public Library

5.) TBS, Inc. ILA Technical Services Award
Members were encouraged submit nominations for the TBS, Inc. ILA Technical Services Award which is awarded each year at ILA.

Volunteers for the Award Committee were solicited: chair & three members

Judy Nuernberger
Head of Technical Services
Vernon Area Public Library District

Laura McGrath
Manager of Access Services
Skokie Public Library

Robert Moffett
Director of Technical Services
Gail Borden Public Library

Jennifer M. Baugh
Assistant Director & Cataloger

Amy Weiss
Head of Technical Services
Woodridge Public Library

Any questions?

-Robert Moffett

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